Educational resources for men experiencing sickle cell disorder and an associated condition called priapism which have been published today and we thought would be of interest to your members and you may wish to share across your communication channels.

Priapism are long lasting painful erections which, if left untreated, can permanently damage erectile tissue.  Priapism is a common issue for young men with sickle cell and can affect up to 50% of them: unsurprisingly, it is not openly spoken about. A related concern is the mental health of men suffering from this embarrassing condition.

Boston Scientific has partnered with the Sickle Cell Society and Guy & St Thomas’ Hospital in London to create a video about symptoms, guidance on going to hospital, and other resources such as infographics. The key message from the education materials is to get prompt treatment from the hospital for prolonged erections to reduce the risk of permanent erectile damage.

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