Dear Red Cell Colleagues,

I am delighted to let you know that the next round of Haemoglobinopathy Peer review for Children and Adults is going to be starting next year.

We are looking for members of the Steering Group – a number of you have expressed an interest already which is great news and I have those details saved.  We are keen for all aspects of the care of red cell disorders to be covered so really want representation from all areas medical, psychology, nursing, managerial and AHPs.  Please email me with a short statement of why you are interested, where you work and your job title to and

We are also looking for volunteers to be the leads for adult thalassaemia/rare anaemia, adult Sickle Cell and paediatric sickle cell.  Mark Velangi is kindly staying on as lead for paediatric thalassaemia.

If people can’t commit to either of the above, please do consider whether you would be interested in doing visits – these can be very interesting and is great to be able to “borrow” ideas from colleagues and also to help them get what they want out of their service.

As I presented at the November UKFHD educational meeting the process is not to judge.  All, including myself are aware that services are going above and beyond and then to be limited by capacity, finance and staffing.  It is hoped that the peer review process will continue with work of engagement from trusts, commissioners and integrated care systems to make a difference to patient care.  While it is appreciated that this is an additional time commitment it is hoped that you will help with the visits, lead or steering group.  If you are interested or would like further information please email and

The deadline for expresses of interest is 30th January 2023 with a view to holding the first steering group committee meeting in late February 2023, date to be confirmed.

Kind regards

Dr Emma Drasar

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