Appraisal of exagamglogene autotemcel for treating transfusion-dependent beta-thalassaemia [ID4015]


Dear registrant

NICE has taken the decision to postpone the first appraisal committee meeting for this topic. The committee discussion planned for Tuesday 14 December 2023 will therefore not be taking place.

This delay is necessary to allow the additional time that is needed to ensure the committee has all the evidence needed to inform a full and robust committee discussion leading to the most optimum decision-making.

The technology appraisal will be discussed at a meeting of the Highly Specialised Technologies Evaluation Committee on Wednesday 14 February 2024. Please note that this topic will still be considered as a Single Technology Appraisal.

Should you wish to observe, registration will open on the NICE website on Wednesday 24 January 2024. You can follow topic updates on the appraisal webpage.

Kindest regards

Rosalee Mason

Coordinator, Corporate Office

National Institute for Health and Care Excellence

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