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45th Meeting

Palliative Care SickleWest Midlands Haemoglobinopathy Networks
Improving early access to antenatal screening
Service review – The case for change

44th Meeting

SCT Newborn Outcomes Register

42nd Meeting

UKTS and the UK Forum on Haemoglobin Disorders (video)
National Haemglobinopathy Registry – Manchester Meeting     zipped file if needed
National Haemglobinopathy Registry – Annual Meeting 2016    zipped file if needed


41st Meeting

HRQL and Health  Behaviours in Children with SCD – C. Constantinou
HbSC disease – is it different and how should we manage it? – D.Rees
Measuring liver iron content in thalassaemia & SCD – M. Garbowski
NHR adverse Events – A. Cope

38th Meeting

Bisphosphonates for bone thinning – risks and benefits
Sickle cell & thalassaemia screening programme update
Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplant in Adults with SCD
Hydroxyurea revisited: the asymptomatic patient
Newborn Outcomes Project UK Haemoglobinopathy Forum 2014
NHR Update
Sickle cell Transplantation for Adults
Alternative donor transplantation in haemoglobinoapthies

27th Meeting

2008 Haemoglobinopathy Feedback
Clinical Haemoglobinopathies – A commissioning perspective – S. Mather
Haemoglobinopathy Nursing in the Acute Setting
Immunisation in Sickle Cell Disorder 2008
NMUH Conference November 2008
SCSP New models of care
The challenge of chronic illness

25th Meeting

Cannabinoids and pain relief – A. Holdcroft

23rd Meeting

Chelation therapy for transfusional iron overload – K. Ryan
Intravital capillaroscopy in sickle – M. Layton
SCD Abstract – C. Hillery
Survival and complications in thalassemia – C. Borgna-Pignatti
Survival of Thalassemia in 21stC – C. Borgna-Pignatti

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